Where's Wiebe

After the past couple weeks of watching Facebook do more and more 'site monetization', I decided that I was done with it. It's a touch decision because I've really enjoyed reconnecting with people I've had a hard time keeping in touch with. I also loved posting links and charts and pictures and every now and again, a thought or two.

This blog is going to be my way to try to keep the posting part of Facebook going. I expect my posts to be brief and probably a little more partisan that what I allowed myself to post on Facebook. Good for me! I have my doubts about having any kind of following, but who knows. If you're reading this, Welcome! I'd love your comments and thoughts. If you have something you want me to see, post a link in the comments. Think I'm full of it or taking my points too far - well, you're probably right, so tell me!

Anyway, I'd like to think I won't miss Facebook. I'll do this experiment, at least until the end of the summer. And we'll see how well it works.

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