This is just not right


Sarah Palin's Speaking Demands

A draft contract containing details about Sarah Palin's speaking fee and requirements was obtained by California State University, Stanislaus, students who claim they found the document in a Dumpster.  Here are some of her demands:
  • Hotel room must have a "moose couture" styling to it
  • Most recent copy of all newspapers
  • Children's caretaker must be of Korean ethnicity or higher
  • 50-gallon aquarium containing a minimum of eight piranhas that haven't been fed in a week and a bucket of ducks
  • If the name of the speaking venue exceeds four syllables, then it must be temporarily changed to "Thompson Hall"
  • Book of word searches and package of string cheese for Todd
  • Extra red clothing just in case something happens to her other red clothing
  • Audio engineer must ensure speakers are capturing full cuntiness of voice
  • Dressing-room lighting fixtures must be equipped with non-efficient bulbs
  • Palin must have "five (5) black pillar candles of 13" in length and 3" in circumference, one (1) stone altar of Baphomet, one (1) obsidian dagger, and one (1) baby delivered to her dressing area no less than two hours prior to her speech"

Unemployment Still Bad

But here's a cool chart from Calculated Risk that puts our woes into historical perspective (OK, very recent history. 1976) :

Looking for a job?  Would you consider moving to North Dakota?

American Homeowner Preservation

This is a great idea (link).

American Homeowner Preservation negotiates with lenders to approve short sales for underwater homeowners. If a lender approves, the home is sold to an investor who provides the selling family a five-year lease at affordable rates, along with a recorded option to repurchase. The lease and option prices are all predetermined at the outset and are a derivative of the investor's acquisition price.

AHP passes on the majority of the benefits of the short sale discount to the family, thereby creating the incentive for the family to stay, pay and repurchase. We offer the homes to all investors, who are typically private parties looking for higher returns than they can get at the bank and many of whom are equally attracted to the direct positive impact they are having on American families.

Hat Tip: Felix Salmon (link)