Nobody hates their politicians like California hates thier politicians

Seriously (link), here PPPs commentary:

Arnold Schwarzenegger of course is the least popular Governor in the country with a 20/64 approval rating. The battle to replace him looks like it will be between someone marginally unpopular (Jerry Brown and his 37/39 favorability ratio) and someone very unpopular (Meg Whitman and her 24/44 favorability ratio.)

In the Senate race right now an unpopular incumbent (Barbara Boxer, 37/46 approval) is still favored for reelection because her likely opponent is just as unpopular (Carly Fiorina, 22/30 favorability and that's before the Democrats start really spending money on attacking the heck out of her.)

Tough Day for Blogging

Lots of emergency analysis going on in my day job - so my blog crawl today has been severely curtailed.  On the plus side, I'm not as POed at the GOP as I usually am about this time of day.

Here is the one post that has me thinking bad thoughts (link).  It's a fun rant from Sullivan about Palin, torture, Israel, and Iran.  It red meat for those who sceptically view Israeli actions .  Enjoy!