Updates, Updates, Updates

Still playing with this blog format thing.  Today I:
  • Briefly added a link to my photos on Picassa and then thought better of it.  
  • Searched like crazy trying to find a way to get Facebook status updates onto the blog.  It looks like you used to be able to do this with an rss feed and then Facebook turned off the functionality.  Which makes sense.  They want you to go to their page for content and not somebody else's.  So no facebook status feed is in the works (No big loss - the Twitter feed updates more anyway).
  • And (crowning achievement) I just added my Pandora stations to the blog.  Admittedly, my use of Pandora is very much in its infancy, but I'm pretty sure that is about to change.
Still my to-do list on the blog is growing.  Here's what I what I'm looking to do next:
  • I need to update my Linkedin profile.  It's a skeleton.  If I'm going to have a web profile, I need to manage it.  So that profile needs to some meat.  I consider it part of the blog because I link to it from the blog.  (See "The Work of Wiebe" to the right).
  • I finished Tyler Cohen's book on the train today, so I need to get my quick thoughts on the reading sub-blog, What's Wiebe Reading (again to the right), before I've lost them.
  • I've been playing Wii Fit and need to get my quick thoughts on it in my gaming sub-blog, What's Wiebe Playing.
That's about it for now.  I'm come up with more later.  Any suggestions for the blog are always welcome.  Comment on anything from content to format.  Negative stuff is more useful than positive stuff so don't pull any punches.