Ack... I may end up buying a subscription to the NYT

I really like the free internet.  All the free news and analysis that you can read.  Links to the best sources.  All that.  Reading about the paywalls being formed has made me worried.  Will I eventually have to pay for this great stuff I've been getting for free?  I mean it hasn't happened yet.  And usually when I run into a paywall (Like the WSJ), you can do a google search on the article's headline and get a free full version being posted by somebody else (I have no idea how they aren't getting sued for stealing content).

But remember that the NYT announced that they would have a pay wall (link).  Maybe they'll back down if Murdoch's own play fails (link).  Maybe not.

But, I can get my news from other sources, right?  Well, Krugman's blog is part of the NYT.  And now, so will Nate Silver's (link).  Yikes.  If all the best web content gets put behind paywalls, big content will have forced my hand.  Again.

(Hat Tip: Andrew Sullivan)

UPDATE:  Nate has his own take on this change on his blog (link).   I'm disappointed to hear that his posts will reduce in frequency over the next 9-10 weeks during his transition.  However, it's good to hear that he'll be up and running by September, just about the time that political news junkies like myself will be going completely nuts.

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