No apologies

"I'm sorry" really isn't enough.

(Hat Tip: TPM)


  1. How about $20B, is that enough?

  2. Probably not. By at least a factor of 3.

    And that doesn't include the non-monetary damages.

  3. I love how everyone and their mother is piling on BP... give me a break. Have they made any indicaton that they would not pay to have the mess cleaned up? Nope. They put $20B in escrow... I am sure they will step up for anything over that.

    Granted the company has said some stupid things, but what else can they say but they are sorry and are willing pay for damages? Nothing.

  4. Let's be clear David, it's completely appropriate that everybody is piling on BP. This is a ridiculous and horrible problem that should have been prevented. And it's not over yet. YOU should be livid at them. YOU should be piling on them. It's not a matter of what they are doing now - and they should do everything - it's a matter of what they did in the past the made this happen.

    I have no problem 'piling on' and will continue to. You might consider getting a little outraged.

  5. As an aside:
    "BP had 760 safety violations in the past five years and paid $373 million in fines, Sullivan said. By contrast, Sunoco and ConocoPhillips each had eight safety violations and ExxonMobil just one, Sullivan said."

    Nice. (Link:

  6. If BP pays for the consquences whether it be $20B or $60B, they live and die as a company b/c of it. I refuse to be outraged. Is it sad? Yup. Upsetting? Sure, but as long as they "fix the problem" then being mad at them and pointing the figure accomplishes zero. Lets not forget that Exxon had a pretty awful thing happen, and now they have only one violation, BP will change their ways.

  7. You really should try a little outrage on for size. Let's not forget that Exxon actually didn't fully pay the damages for the last major US spill. Maybe we should still be outraged about that.

    My take on this is that BP will only be held accountable for there actions if people maintain their outrage. Remember the legal limit for liability is $75 Million. Remember that they were going to continue paying dividends until this week. Remember that this can happen again and people are actually pushing to resume deep sea drilling RIGHT NOW without an understanding of what BP did wrong.

    I really believe that outrage is going to be more effective for making BP accountable than being upset. Nothing else is going to get our political system to move in the way it needs to so as to force BP to "make people whole". Obama is forced to act on the issue because of the rightful outrage by the citizenry.

    Also, let's not forget the non-monetary damages. They are equally outrageous and, in many ways, impossible to fix.

    BP is a great target for outrage. It's politically useful and they deserve it.