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Great quote (link) from Haley Barbour (GOP governor of Mississippi):

He's exactly right to call for continued drilling. Let me — let me say a couple things. In the last 50 years, the four states that allow offshore drilling on the gulf, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Alabama — more than 30,000 wells have been drilled in the Gulf of Mexico.

This is the first time in that more than 30,000 we have ever had anything like this happen. About 30 percent of America's production of oil and gas coming out of the Gulf of Mexico. If you shut this down, don't kid yourself, you're not shutting it down for six months. These big oil rigs — by the way, B.P. and Transocean are not even American companies.

In six months, these oil rigs aren't going to be sitting around the gulf waiting. They're going to be in west Africa. They'll be in Indonesia. They're going to be in China. They're going to be drilling oil wells elsewhere in the world.

And the loss of production that we're going to suffer will make us even more dependent on the Middle East, on Venezuela, on people that aren't our friends.

And let me tell you one other little thing environmentalists ought to think about. Of the 10 worst oil spills in American history, seven of them were from ships. Seven of them were from ships.

So we had a big disaster.  Caused by deep sea drilling.  And we're not entirely sure why.  Oh, and the disaster isn't over yet.  Whatever.  Business should go on as usual.  I mean this has only happened badly a few times.  Most of the time when things go wrong its the ship's fault anyway.  You're getting all worked up over something that probably won't even happen.  Again.

Oh yea.  And get off my land, you hippie.

(Hat Tip: Doonesbury)

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