Week away links 8-29-10

OK, most of these are from the last day or so.  I don't really feel back yet (Week away with the family), because I haven't logged into the work email address yet.  But hey, Mondays are all about unpleasant experiences.  I'll add lots of work emails to the list.  Until then, here's what caught my eye over the past week (end):

Just buying some books might be worth more than you think (Evidence Based Mummy)

Going green kinda sucks (Scott Adams)

Because, really, if you don't need 'em, you don't need 'em (The Big Picture)

Cheap, "virtual" assistants, living in India, may be able to improve your dating life (Brad Ideas)

Some twitter feeds I need to add (Real Time Economics - WSJ)

Did you know that the third-person plural is a tell? (Farnam Street)

If I didn't agree, I wouldn't be posting this link (Paul Krugman)

Are you prepared for the death of the public sector? (TPM)

When in Rome (The Big Picture)

I'd post the video directly, but it doesn't seem appropriate to the blog.  But... I'll go with... cool.  Very cool.  (The Daily Dish)

That's it on my end.  If you have any fun links, send them my way.


  1. RE: "Just buying some books..." I had the good fortune to have a set of Encyclopedias in my room growing up. I can't tell you how much I learned from those things.

  2. Books are good! I doubt osmosis has much to do with this, but here's the key quote:

    "Children who grew up in households which contained 500 books or more stayed in education on average three years longer than children who grew up in bookless households. The relationship between the size of the library of books was a better predictor than the parent’s own level of education or occupational status. This was found to be true across rich and poor countries, communist and capitalist, and in North America, Africa, Asia and Europe."

    I wonder if you have to read the books?