A Fantasy World

Having recently finished Andrew Sullivan's book The Conservative Soul wherein "conservatives" represent all that good in politics and economics and living (and religion and civilization), I'm really enjoying the Karl Smith blog entry, titled A Pessimist Manifesto (Link).  Here's a key quote:

Partially , however, I think it is that many modern Conservatives intuitively base their analysis of the world on a philosophy is that anathema to my worldview. Their view is that if you take a responsible, measured, well-reasoned approach to the world things will work out. Failure is thus a sign that you have not done that. My sense is that this is fundamentally crap.

First of all things are not going to work out. You are going to die. Your friends and family are going to die. Everything you care about and everything you ever worked for will be destroyed. This story, our story, only has one ending and it is death and destruction.

If you don’t recognize that, you are living in a fantasy world.

Oh my god.  Paul Krugman may have to move over for my new favorite blogger.  Fanboy Wiebe has a new crush.

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