Nobody hates their politicians like California hates thier politicians

Seriously (link), here PPPs commentary:

Arnold Schwarzenegger of course is the least popular Governor in the country with a 20/64 approval rating. The battle to replace him looks like it will be between someone marginally unpopular (Jerry Brown and his 37/39 favorability ratio) and someone very unpopular (Meg Whitman and her 24/44 favorability ratio.)

In the Senate race right now an unpopular incumbent (Barbara Boxer, 37/46 approval) is still favored for reelection because her likely opponent is just as unpopular (Carly Fiorina, 22/30 favorability and that's before the Democrats start really spending money on attacking the heck out of her.)


  1. "Every election is between a Giant Douche and a Turd." - Stan

  2. Excellent! A South Park reference. Here are some key links:

    Very sweet!