Early Election Signs...

Scott Walker is giving me hope the GOP can be stopped in 2012 from re-taking the senate (the piece below refers to the 2012 Presidential race). The way this has played out so far makes me think of how Hurricane Katrina forced the country to look at the GOPs warts. It's earlier in the cycle, so the media narrative has plenty of time to shift several times. But the events have become so significant that it's hard to believe that a GOP distraction campaign will be completely effective.

Then again, the triumvir-ant of Beck, Palin, and Limbaugh - TV, Internet, Radio - will continue to be very loud.

"How Does It Play In Oshkosh?":
from The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

"Rhodes Cook thinks the Wisconsin union fight could influence the 2012 race:

Of Wisconsin’s 72 counties, both Obama and Walker swept 59 in their respective races – 46 of which were won by both candidates. Each carried most of rural Wisconsin as well as the bulk of longtime manufacturing centers, including the counties that include Green Bay, Racine, Kenosha, Manitowoc, and yes, Oshkosh. Which party wins these swing counties and constituency groups in 2012 – not only in Wisconsin, but also the whole swath of Rust Belt terrain “from Scranton to Oshkosh” – could be significantly affected by the outcome of the current Republican-labor showdown in Madison."

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