How to use Facebook to push your business.

or... how to sell pizza in Wisconsin.  Click the link, it's real!

UPDATE 2/22/10 5:27 PM EST:  Let me give a hat tip to Rob Bellin for posting the link below on his facebook account.  Also, just to be clear, I support both the business and political aspects of this markering campaign.  I don't think the owners of "Ians Pizza" are cynically taking advantage of the situation, I just think that they are taking advantage of it.  And here's to that!
Monday, February 21 (12:15pm)

Thank you all so much for visiting!

If you are here to learn how help feed the protesters in Madison, here's how you can do that:

Call us at 608-257-9248, then press 1. As we have just three phone lines it may take a while to get through, and we apologize in advance for that.

For online ordering we have partnered with both to process our online orders. If you would like to order online, please put 115 State Street as the delivery address, and add in the notes that you would like to help feed the protesters.

While we thought about it, we will not be setting up a Paypal account, even though we realize that would make it easier. Please understand it's not because we don't want to help you out; we really just don't want to over-promise & under-deliver.

It's important to us as a business and as individuals that if we say we are taking your hard-earned money to help feed supporters, that we will make sure that happens. By taking phone calls and online orders only we can ensure that the money you spend with us does indeed get made into pizza that goes to the capital.

We truly appreciate all the enthusiasm, and know that many of you want to help feed the protesters, but we are also just one small business. Believe us when we say we are not really accustomed to getting pizza orders from the entire country (let alone internationally!)

Thank you for your understanding!

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