Facebook = Openbook

Here's another example of how open Facebook is.  It's called Openbook and it's a Facebook profile search engine.  You can run searches on anything: "Rectal exam", "Copy and Paste", "I hate my job", etc...  Give it a try, here's the link.

That's pretty cool, right?  The more I think about Facebook as an issue the more I realize that all users need to understand that it's public.  The site owners want to make you think that you have control over your privacy, but because they can (and do) change their privacy standards all the time, you actually have no control.

So if you're going to use Facebook, just assume that any information you put out there will be picked apart by anyone who wants to pick it apart (Marketing Organizations, Russian Hackers, Spammers, Nosy People, Your Boss, Potential Clients, Potential Employers).  Assume that regardless of your privacy settings, you are fully public.  Then behave appropriately.  Remember any perceived control you believe you have over your privacy is false and potentially to your detriment.

(Hat Tip: Kevin Drum)


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  2. Type "how to delete" into google...

  3. I really like the 'quit Facebook' group. But it has two things going against it, (1) Apathy (2) The default option is what most people pick - the default option here is 'do nothing'. Believe me, I'd love to see Facebook punished by its users. I don't see it really happening.