A Few Notes/Responses

I just figured out that I had comments on the blog (Forgive my slowness in publishing comments).  They are all published.  Now that I understand a little more regarding the blogging tool I'm using, I'll look to publish them much faster then this last stretch.

Regarding the suggestion for "What's Wiebe Wearing"...  interesting.  My co-worker loved the idea but refusing to bring the camera in for the photos.  I'll work on him.  For now I'm afraid that this idea is going in the file.

Regarding the starbucks tasting like burnt rubber...  I'm sipping a cup right now.  I detect no rubber flavoring.  I do detect a grounded, earthy aroma – even a capricious spirit. As I knew it was an adventurous coffee, I was prepared for unusually concentrated spicy and herbal notes. Mmm.... Delicious!

Regarding Diaspora.  I have a feeling that the network effect that Facebook has are going to carry the day.  I'm already thinking about the people I've disconnected with by deleting my account.  I just don't see ordinary users jumping; much as I'd like to see Facebook punished.

Coming soon:  I finished Outliers and its fantastic.  I expect my "Quick Thoughts" to be up on the sub-blog sometime this evening.

Thanks for comments!  I really appreciate your eyeballs as I play cut and paste in my spare time.  This week will be a little light on my posts due to a project at work (Damn Job), but I'll shoot for at least one post a day.

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