Hey, it can't be that bad. It got a B+.

Mmm.  Burger.  Mmm.  Grilled Cheese.

Here's a sum up of the new Grilled Chess BurgerMelt from Friendly's (link):

Friendly's Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt
Grade: B+
Nutritional Info: 1500 calories, 97 grams fat, 2090 mgs sodium

While completely over the top, this sandwich is also pure genius. Yes, it's higher in calories, fat and sodium than the Double Down, but the ingredients in this sandwich are more harmonious, making it an embarrassingly pleasurable eating experience. (As one of our readers recently commented, "...at its heart, all this is is a cheeseburger on buttered toast.")

The grilled cheese "buns" were buttery, oozing with just the right amount of cheese and just the right amount of greasiness. True, the burger could have been more plump and juicy but it was the right amount of beef to balance out the two grilled cheese sandwiches. The only thing we'd do differently is skip the lettuce. Watery, shredded lettuce did not pair well with the grilled cheese.

 Hungry?  Take two of these and call me from the hospital.

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  1. I am going to grab one of these some day... just need to make sure I schedule an angioplasty for immediately after.